Do you find yourself yearning for your own inner wisdom, but feel like you’re making your way through an obstacle course when you try to reach it? Do you feel completely ready to change your old habits, but don’t even know where to start?

Danae’s Mentorship is a 90-day program of personal training that will help you to cultivate a deep relationship with your intuition. You will come to a place of trusting yourself, accepting yourself, and knowing how to listen to your inner voice.

Like any external relationship, this internal one doesn’t magically appear—it has to be developed through sincerity, devotion, and constancy. Through a combination of one-on-one sessions, guided meditations, and “homework” designed to strengthen your intuitive muscles bit by bit, Danae will lead you through the delicate and beautiful process of building your connection with yourself. She will also be there as a mirror and a sounding board while you navigate the profound changes you will witness in your life.

In Danae’s own words, “Mentoring is one of my favorite ways to work because I am personally passionate about having a planet of self-resourcing beings. I believe that the more we are clear and following the calling from within ourselves, the more swiftly we will bring forward the best possible world we can live in.”

 Mentorship includes:

  • Private sessions with a customized frequency depending on your individual needs

  • Danae’s Soul-Centered Wealth Program, a 30-day dive into working with your intuition to generate abundance in your life and experience your own power of creation

  • Danae’s Evolutions of Consciousness Meditations (co-authored with Bob Wiz), an 8 CD set of guided meditations (also available on MP3)  to get you out of your head and into your heart and body. 


  An Apprenticeship with Danae is a chance to learn from a master

Are you looking for a way to serve humanity? Are you already serving, but want to enrich whatever it is that you offer? Are you yearning to step out into the professional world as a fully-aligned, humble yet powerful version of yourself?

As a 30-year professional intuitive with clients around the globe, Danae understands deeply the nuances of merging the spiritual and the professional. She considers this type of work as one that requires impeccable integrity, both in oneself and with regards to the life of each individual. She holds herself to very high standards and she will guide you to do the same.

Moreover, Danae is no stranger to the messy, human side of life: she’s been through trauma, heartbreak, single motherhood, illness, deep healing, and powerful spiritual awakening in the midst of all of it.

She understands that even someone with a burning desire to help others will bring their own weaknesses to the table, and that ultimately these weak areas can become a person’s greatest strengths.

Danae will empathize with you, and guide you to embrace yourself fully in all of who you are.

Candidates for Apprenticeship are those who have completed the Mentorship Program and would like to incorporate their work into the skill sets Danae has acquired during her extensive career. The length of an Apprenticeship is a minimum of one year, with regular weekly training, assignments, exercises.

The short video below offers clear insight from an apprentice.

Hannah Lo speaks to the powerful changes for her after sessions series with Danae