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Danae brings a unique and powerful spiritual capacity to her one-on-one work. The simplest word for this gift is “intuition.” Many people have a vague sense of what that means, but not much awareness of the details. What IS this kind of session? How is it different from seeing a therapist—or, on the other end of the spectrum, a visit to the so-called “psychic” at the flea market? What is actually being offered here?

Danae’s goal is to help you access your own wellspring of intuition, and ultimately to be connected to that guidance in your everyday life.

 A single session with Danae offers clarity, direction, and self-connection.

 Danae’s intuitive abilities allow her to tune into what we might call your “wiring,” the “motherboard” in your consciousness. This is where your thought patterns, habitual behaviors, memories and systems of belief are all integrated. Some of these may be serving you well, while others may be at the root of your struggles. Danae will share with you what she sees in your wiring. She will guide you towards deeper awareness of your own inner makeup.

As the session progresses, you will move from talking about this wiring to transforming it by staying grounded in your body and using Danae’s insights to penetrate your own psyche. You will start to see the way you’ve related to all aspects of yourself – your struggles, your hopes, your pain, your memories, and your authentic power – and through this greater awareness you will naturally “re-wire” patterns that have been limiting you or keeping you trapped in a cycle. This is accomplished by making conscious choices on your own behalf that integrate through your body-mind system.

Danae receives consistent feedback that a single session can feel like years of excellent therapy.

Sessions are a combination of Danae’s intuitive gifts with your own inherent inner wisdom.

The direct use of intuition sets this work apart from any kind of therapy, as Danae will guide the session based solely on her own insight, without any pre-determined set of beliefs and ideas about you. Yet this is also fully about YOU, and the here and now—it’s not a “psychic” prediction of your future from an “expert” with extra-sensory abilities that you will never have. Danae’s goal is to help you access your own wellspring of intuition, and ultimately to be connected to that guidance in your everyday life.

3 and 6 session packages allow for a deeper dive, and more opportunities for you to learn how to connect to your own intuition. You also get to practice implementing the new levels of awareness in your life, and bring your questions and observations back to Danae for continued exploration.

If you are interested in fully cultivating your own natural intuitive connection, or in developing your abilities in order to be able to help others professionally, check out the advanced Mentorship and Apprenticeship programs here.

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