How We Breathe is How We Live:

The Power of Full Breathing to Change Our Lives


Consider this idea: The way we breathe is the way we live.  What if one of the main impediments to directly experiencing the love of our essential being was a constricted, shallow breath?  What if breathing deeply into our belly, like we did when we were first born, was something our body had an innate memory of, on a cellular level?  What if this kind of breathing could awaken in our bodies through directed full breathing? What would it be like to have this breath awaken in us naturally, until we were breathing like we did when we were just a baby; full, open, ecstatic with life and before knowing fear, failures or pain. How might this change our lives?


Imagine what would it be like to be held in Divine love, easy and at peace.  Can you imagine Love whispering in your ears, “I am always with you, breathing life into your body.You are not alone.”  What if we could meet this Love inside ourselves by breathing, in open trust, like a baby being rocked in the arms of love?  


Imagine returning home to the feeling of oneness and safety once again.


After two decades of helping people change their lives through changing their breathing, I have come to know with certainty that how we breathe is how we live.  If our breath is shallow, short and stunted (or contracted) then our living is compromised. Our lives do not have as full an expression of energy and therefore, we have less enlivened possibilities.  If our breath is open, deep and full then our lives have a more flowing, buoyant quality, full and rich with connection.  A breathing life can create an intimate, more relaxed openness. Life can come like a series of waves moving through us, fulfilling itself and carrying our heart’s desires into our daily lives.


There are many types of breathwork, but in my experience, the most powerful and transformative is also the most gentle and honoring of wherever we are in the moment.  Simply reconnecting us with our own innate wisdom, long forgotten in most of us, of how to let breath renew, rejuvenate and re-invigorate our lives.


A primary aspect of my life’s work is to help people re-connect with the power and healing of rediscovering their original breath. To once more fully live a Breathing Life.  It’s deeply fulfilling work, because of its profound simplicity, and the profound healing it so often opens.


Breathe deep, live full.


Danae Shanti is nationally recognized for her heartfelt work as a Certified Full Wave Breath Trainer and keynote speaker.  She now shares her array of session offerings at CHHC.

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