Awaken Your Intuition / Live by Your Spirit

Listen. Follow. Succeed.

Do you ever wish you could totally change your life yet believe you don’t know how? Does the following thought ever run through your mind?

I just want someone to tell me what to do with this (circumstance, relationship, issue, person, my kids, my health, my frustration)!"

I felt this way. I was married to an alcoholic man, I was depressed and lost. I walked the country roads at night crying, not knowing where to turn for comfort or answers. I didn’t want to go home.

One day I had an “Intuitive Awakening” and my life took an amazing turn. I suddenly found that I had an awakened Intuitive Voice. There it was, a guiding voice of love with insights, suggestions and practical teachings for living a healthy, fulfilling life. Wow! Where did THAT come from?

I spent the next eight years studying this Intuitive Voice. I listened, followed and succeeded by applying everything it taught me, to my life choices. I learned to live with love and peace inside. I gave myself permission to live by my desires and passions. What followed was living my dream of touring internationally as a singer, raising a family and growing clientele internationally!

And guess what? I’ve since trained thousands of people to awaken their own intuitive voice and to live a thriving spiritual life by the simple 3 fold method my intuition taught me: Listen. Follow. Succeed.

It’s true…..


The Answers to Your Life rest in Your Intuition.

All you have to do is: Listen. Follow. Succeed.

You can learn to do this too!


Awaken Your Intuition – Live by Your Spirit

A 4 month group training - available internationally

This training is an immersion in to Intuition and it’s practical application for your life. It is also a practical guide to how to live by your Spirit level of awareness, consciously. Awaken Your Intuition- Live by Your Spirit teaches participants through direct experience:

A hands on course where your intuitive abilities grow because you continuously access your intuition and Spirit consciousness. This practice deepens muscle memory and strengthens your own direct know how.

Your confidence in living by your intuition and Spirit will grow as you listen to messages given from inside, follow the prompts and succeed at a task or life situation. You’ll actively learn how to live any area of your life by your intuition, so you can manifest a life and lifestyle you truly want.


Among the things you will learn:

Navigating body, mind spirit - understand the inter-relationship of your body, mind and spirit

Handling your emotions - to interpret and address the energy of your emotions

Setting up your environment - to maximize the easy flow of energy around you

Healthy self care - what you can do to stay strong and healthy during challenging transitions

Thinking and it's place in life - the importance of recognizing and managing your thoughts

Processes to use - tools to help you navigate the process you are living

Ceremony - how ceremony enlists spiritual allies & aligns you with your Higher Self

Running energy - how your energy runs and how to keep it flowing when you need it

Keeping it clean - the importance of integrity at all times

Following Spirit - how to trust the Universe to guide, love and nourish YOU personally

The Three Gifts – learn what your unique 3 gifts from Spirit are that you incarnated with and how to use them in your life living by intuition and your Spirit. Learn to turn within for answers for every area of your life

AND… since Intuition is guiding this training we will also see what Intuition brings up as we go!



2 virtual meetings a month - class is recorded so you won’t miss it if you can’t join live.

3 individual coaching sessions with me - 50 minutes (extra coaching at discount rate)

Weekly partnership assignments and practices to hone your skills


Guest teachings by some extraordinary women…



Sharra Snow

Intention, vibration and energy management are key in all spiritual practices, regardless of the language of a tradition. Drawing upon the teachings of shamanism, yoga, Buddhism, and metaphysical Christianity, we will apply those principles to live more easily, authentically, and meaningful lives. Barbara Snow has served as a spiritual guide and healing facilitator in North and South America for 20 years.

Barbara Snow, Ceremonialist and Author 



Ashara Morris

Ashara Morris is a certified EGCMethod(r) coach and powerful animal communicator. Along with her husband, dog, cats and equine healing herd, she lives and works amongst the pine trees and wildlife near Elizabeth, Colorado. Visit for more information about workshops, training programs, and private sessions.



Lindsay balgooyen

After suffering from severe chronic headaches for 22 years and trying what felt like everything out there, Lindsay finally found the answer through a breathing technique called 'circular connected breathing'. She believes that our breath is the most powerful healing tool available, and is passionate about spreading this simple yet deeply transformative method. She has trained under the Rebirthing lineage with Sondra Ray, Danae Shanti Thrive, Dharma Devi, Ashanna Solaris, and Chandra Andrea Polyak. She is based in Boulder, CO and loves traveling, snowboarding, rafting, yoga, and anything in nature.


Benefits to You….

  • Feeling safe to be who you truly are

  • Living your life from this truth of who you are (no more hiding)

  • Feeling congruent with who you are inside and how you live your life

  • Getting peace with your sensitive nature

  • Receiving the love you want because you know you are enough

  • Seeing and dismantling the limiting beliefs and thoughts which command your life experiences

  • Living beyond the fear and doubt that undermine your success

  • Having your love, self-confidence and abundance multiply because you feel worthy

All of this while you enjoy…

  • Exponential clarity by training in a community of great people while having fun!

  • Playing in group and paired practices.

  • Taking your intuition into your life and putting it to practice each day.


What You Will Receive From Me:

  • Love, guidance, empowerment and support

  • Your hand held and your heart honored

  • An ally, you’ll no longer be trying to pull it together – alone


From the Group:

  • Encouragement

  • Positive reflection

  • Teammates who trust your wisdom and ask for it.


A closing note from me…

My coaches have always affirmed for me that our courage comes from other people who are making the same shifts as us. There’s power in this collective, of everyone moving in the same direction. As a team, standing for one another’s success, we move in to having the lives we’ve always, only wanted.

I’m so excited to be guided by my intuition to offer this first time international online training! I’ve seen such joy in the lives of those I’ve trained individually and in groups already...I can just imagine what this new, committed group of participants can do together!


We Begin

*** Thursday, October 11th, 2018***


Thursday Dates:

October 11th, 25th

November 8th, 29th

December 13th, 27th

January 10th, 24th



PST 9:00am

MST 10:00am

EST  12:00pm

International times available based on your location.


Location: Zoom



Since this is a first time online training, I’m offering this program at a fabulous rate!

There are only 20 spots available and they will be filled on a first come first serve basis. I highly suggest you sign up with a friend because you’ll be learning a new language together! Practicing with a friend will greatly enhance your learning curve!

Your $100 deposit (arriving before September 20th) will secure your spot! To pay your deposit and register:

Contact: or call 720-346-2383.

To learn more about me or ask questions, please visit:

Payment Options: Credit Cards Accepted, Paypal, Venmo, Check


Plan 1:

Pay for 2 months at a time, due October 4th and December 4th: 2 payments of $600 = Total $1,200.

Plan 2:

Pay for entire 4 month training by September 20th = Total $997.

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