About Danae


Danae Shanti is a lion-hearted woman with a powerful gift.

For almost three decades, she has been working with groups and individuals as an intuitive guide, tuning into the unseen world of energy patterns and relationships, and helping people to transform that which is not of service to their highest good. Her desire is to create a world of “self-resourcing” beings. She does this by helping you connect to yourself and access your inner wellspring of wisdom.


Danae is founder of Divinely Directed Living, which teaches three principles: Listen, Follow, Succeed. Program participants learn to establish a clear relationship with their Divine Guidance so they can have the love they want, the career success they crave and the health and vitality to enjoy it all.  


She is author of The Soul Centered Wealth Manifesting System, has produced a variety of original CD's of uplifting music for children and adults and has co-developed a beautiful series of short, interactive guided healing sessions titled The Evolutions in Consciousness Meditations.


A brief history


Danae has been a fountain of creativity and connection her entire life. During her childhood near the coast on Long Island, NY, she would find herself speaking to the birds and listening to the rocks. Over the years, she has combined her inherent open-ness with professionalism, self-discipline, and integrity, and has touched lives around the world in many different ways.


After a spiritual awakening during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, Danae began the path that would lead her into a prolific career as an Intuitive Guide. During the past three decades, she’s worked with groups and clients all over the globe. She’s facilitated thousands of people in what many call “finally coming home to themselves,” enabling them to live authentically and powerfully as who they really are. She’s mentored other budding Intuitives, several of whom have gone on to create thriving careers with intuition as a central component. She’s also been a speaker at numerous conferences, including A Course in Miracles, Centers for Spiritual Living, and The Crimson Circle.


Danae is also a singer-songwriter, stage and performance trainer, and a producer. She’s always heeded a philanthropic call, organizing and participating in many fundraising events throughout her life. In 2005, Danae toured internationally with the Global Harmony Band. They devoted themselves to the creation of The Orphanage of Dreams, which now stands as a safe haven providing home, healthcare, and education to parentless children in Cambodia. Much of her personal musical work is in the form of “Medicine Songs” – improvisational songs that are channeled through Intuition and deliver a message to an individual or a group.


Danae is currently enjoying living in Boulder, CO, with her kitties Princess Sophia and “Her Queen” The Mittens and an endless and fascinating flow of AirBnB guests.